Cost of international schools in Paris 2024/2025

I have broken down the cost of international schools in Paris for the 2024/2025 academic year to make your comparison of Paris schools easier to navigate.

The French school system offers a range of highly regarded options at each educational stage. Choosing between the French public school system and the many private international schools in Paris is a lively debate among expats.

International or bilingual schools offer different international curriculums and varying English/French language intensity in the classroom. Likewise, they come with an equally broad spectrum of costs. In contrast, the excellent free French schools follow the French curriculum, and the education is 100% in French.

Assuming you’ve chosen the international school route, selecting the right one for your child is a very personal decision. Your budget, language preferences, long-term plans to remain in France and your child’s interests and needs will all play a significant part in ultimately making a decision.

There are plenty of international schools in Paris. The western Paris neighbourhoods including the 7th, 8th, 15th, and 16th arrondissements, and the upscale suburb of Saint-Germain-en-Laye, host many of the finest (and the most expensive) international schools.

As I have said, budget consideration is key. Annual tuition fees range from under €5K to over €30K and there are often additional charges for lunches, school trips and extracurricular activities.

What are international Paris school fees made up of?

There are several layers to the school fees for international schools:

  • Application fees: if applicable, you pay these fees at the time of application. They are not refundable even if the child is not accepted at the school.
  • Registration fees: if applicable, this is usually a one-off, non-refundable payment at the time of registration with the school. The fees could also refer to a “capital assessment” or “development fund” one-time fee the first year the child attends the school. In other words, this is a contribution to the upkeep of the school’s buildings and grounds.
  • Tuition fees: annual tuition fees tend to increase as the student moves through the different stages of the school system. You can check with the schools if you can pay the fees in monthly or quarterly instalments.
  • Extra fees: French immersion classes, lunch costs, mandatory insurance costs, school trips, extracurricular activities, etc.

Cost comparison of international schools in Paris

Below is a list of the various fees of international schools in the Paris area. In addition, you will find the school’s location, age groups, languages and the curriculum taught. I’ve listed the schools in alphabetical order.

SchoolLocationAgesLanguagesCurriculum2024-25 Annual Tuition
American School of ParisSt-Cloud3-18100% EnglishAmerican; American High School Diploma; IB€21,270- €39,910

€1,450€12,200 (new students only)
Bilingual International School of Paris15th arrondissement3-1850% French; 50% EnglishFrench curriculum for French; Cambridge International Program for English€12,800- €20,800€0€500
British School of ParisCroissy3-18100% EnglishBritish (GCSEs and A Levels)€20,082- €33,073€0€1,500 (registration fee); €8,000 (development fund contribution)
Canadian Bilingual School16th arrondissement3-18English; FrenchCanadian€12,900- €21,330€1,000€4,500 (capital assessment fee new students only)
Concordia School16th arrondissement3-1450% French; 50% EnglishFrench and English€13,950- €16,950€0€1,500 (new students only)
École Bilingue Chardin 16th arrondisement2-1250% French; 50% EnglishBased on French€10,000- €15,000€0€0
EIB Grenelle7th arrondissement3-1150% French; 50% EnglishFrench€15,393- €16,650€300
€1,500 (registration fee); €250 (school development fund new students only)
EIB de la JonchèreYvelines
3-1550% French; 50% EnglishFrench€12,795- €15,660€300
€1,500 (registration fee); €1,500 (school development fund new students only)
EIB Lamartine16th arrondisement3-1075% French; 25% EnglishFrench€8,175
€800 (new students only)
EIB Monceau (Primary School) 8th arrondisement3-1175% French; 25% EnglishFrench€8,175
€800 (new students only)
EIB Monceau (Middle School)
8th and 17th arrondissements10-1575% French; 25% EnglishFrench€9,450- €10,395

€800 (new students only)
École Jeannine Manuel7th and 15th arrondissements
4-1850% French; 50% EnglishFrench curriculum;
French Baccalaureate; IB
€9,560- €29,806

Ermitage International SchoolMaisons-Laffitte
3-1850% French; 50% EnglishFrench curriculum;
French Baccalaureate; IB
€6,760- €26,751

€500 (new students only)
Eurécole 16th arrondissement3-15French, English + 3rd language (German/Spanish)French€11,860

Forest International SchoolMareil-Marly2-15100% EnglishMix of English and International
€18,000- €25,000

€1,000 (new students only)
€5,000 (one-time development fee)
Galilée Bilingual School 16th arrondissement3-1550% French; 50% EnglishMix of English and French€8,884- €10,156

Hattemer Bilingue 8th8th arrondissement2-1150% French; 50% EnglishOwn; based on French€8,475- €10,690

Hattemer Bilingue 16th16th arrondissement
2-1150% French; 50% EnglishOwn; based on French€8,763- €12,795

€1,645 - €2,595
ICS Paris15th arrondissement3-1875% English; 25% FrenchIB education; IB Diploma Programme
€19,995- €29,775€750
€2,500 (new students only)
€3,250 (school development fund)
International School of Paris16th arrondissement3-18100% EnglishIB education; IB Diploma Programme
€24,300- €36,750
€1,250 (registration)
€10,000 (one-time entry fee for new students)
Kingsworth International School16th arrondissement3-1850% French; 50% EnglishMix of English and International; iGCSEs, A Levels, High School Diploma€14,780- €24,350

€700 (new students only)
LAB School11th arrondissement6 - 16English; FrenchOwn curriculum, IB (from September 2024)Income-based, max €13,860€70
Lennen Bilingual School7th arrondissement2-1150% French; 50% EnglishMix of French and American€10,100- €22,000

€2,500 (new students only)
Lycee International - American SectionSt-Germain-en-Laye4-1880% French; 20% EnglishFrench curriculum; Baccalauréat Français International€4,660- €6,170

€225-250€2,000 (new students only)
Lycee International - British SectionSt-Germain-en-Laye3-18100% EnglishBritish curriculum; iGCSEs; Baccalauréat Français International€3,396- €8,347

€160-250€1,500 - €1,750 (new students only)
Malherbe International SchoolYvelines2-1180% English; 20% FrenchBased on British€20,400- €25,400

€1,600 (registration fee);
€6,800 (one-off development fund fee for new students)
Marymount International SchoolNeuilly-sur-Seine2-14French and EnglishFrench€22,776- €37,336

€12,500 (one-off capital assessment fee)
Union School16th arrondissement2-1050% French; 50% EnglishBoth French and English€21,000€0
€1,000 (new students)
Wi School
9th arrondissement;;
Courbevoie; Boulogne Billancourt; Puteaux
2-1250% French; 50% EnglishMontessori€8,200- €10,900

€400 - €600 (new students)

4 thoughts on “Cost of international schools in Paris 2024/2025”

  1. A good summary of the situation facing parents arriving in Paris. It’s a difficult and important decision to choose the right school and there is often little information about the various schools. Your list of schools and their costs is fantastic!

  2. Hello,
    Just a point for parents interested in the Lycée International in Saint Germain en Laye. Both the American AND British Sections function wholly in English but both are embedded in a French state (public) school. This means that pupils in both sections work in English in their section for up to 7 hours per week, covering language and literature in English and history and geography with a section slant. The rest of the time they work in French with French teachers.

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