Hi there! I’m Katherine, the creator of The Knowledge Nuggets.

Welcome to my corner of the internet! Let me share a bit about myself and what you can expect from this blog.

Born in Kazakhstan, raised in Ukraine, and having spent over two decades in London, I am crafting a new chapter of life in Paris with my two daughters and husband. When I moved, there were so many unanswered questions – how do I sign up my kids for school and register for a doctor? There wasn’t anyone to give me practical advice on how things actually work. Without friends and not speaking French, it was all rather lonely and challenging at the start.

In this blog, I share practical tips and advice on everyday life in France that I wish I had before we moved here. I don’t have it all figured out, but I hope my knowledge nuggets will help you navigate the French way of life with ease!

Beyond the practical aspects of daily life, I’ll share my tips for experiencing Paris with kids, its hidden gems and the history that runs through the city’s streets and landmarks.

But that’s not all! We travel a lot in France and abroad (thanks to the long French school holidays), so I write about the family-friendly destinations we visit. Join me on this journey as we navigate through France and beyond!