Summer camps for kids in Paris

With the summer school break just around the corner, many parents in Paris are already contemplating the best summer clubs or classes to keep their kids engaged during this much-anticipated time off. Luckily, the City of Paris offers an impressive selection of activities, some of which are even free!

This year, the school holidays in Paris run from 8th July 2023 to 4th September 2023. So, what exactly does Paris have in store for your kids this summer?

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1. “Paris Sport Vacances”

If your child is between 7 and 17, they can participate in two weeks of half-day sports camps for FREE, thanks to the Paris Sport Vacances program run by the City of Paris. 

There’s something for every child, with hundreds of courses available, ranging from basketball and rugby to football and even circus skills. The courses, led by qualified sports educators, run from early July to the end of August. You can choose from free half-day sessions in the morning or afternoon or opt for a full-day program that includes meals and snacks for an extra charge. The additional cost is EUR 2 – 36 per day, depending on which of the ten income brackets your family income falls into.

These courses take place from Monday to Friday:

  • half-day, Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. (free)
  • half-day, Monday to Friday, 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. (free)
  • full day, Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (incl. lunch and snacks at extra charge)

To register, create a My Paris account and access the program to explore the possible options, locations, timetables, and age-specific requirements. You can find more information and register for the programs here.

2. Paris Sport + Culture Courses

As part of the cultural Olympiad, which builds up to the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games in France, the City of Paris offers Sport + Culture courses for children.

This year, the following courses are available to choose from across Paris:

–         Hip Hop Dance and Karate

–         Theatre and Futsal

–         Photography and Gymnastics

–         Cinema and Badminton

–         Theatre and Athletics

Register for these courses on the same platform as Paris Sport Vacances here. The cost of the courses varies depending on the income bracket your family income falls into.

3. Centres de Loisirs

For affordable supervised activities and outings throughout July and August, consider enrolling your child, aged 3 to 14, in one of the 306 Centres de Loisirs in local French public schools.

These centres provide a range of fun activities for your children. Every public nursery or elementary school in Paris hosts a leisure centre, making it convenient for families.

All children aged 3 to 14, living and studying in Paris in a public or private school, can enrol in Parisian leisure centres during the school holidays.

Registration for July and August open in June on the facil’familles portal. The cost for a full day at a leisure centre, including lunch, varies from €2 to €30 per day, based on your family’s income bracket.

4. International School Camps

Some international schools in Paris open their doors in July (usually for a maximum of two weeks) to all kids, whether they study at the school or not. The camps offer various cultural and educational activities during the French school holidays. There are more expensive than the courses organised by the City of Paris, and all three schools below cost on average of €600 per week.

Ecole Jeannine Manuel:

Its annual summer camp welcomes children ages 5 to 14. It offers a wide variety of activities in English, making the day camp a fun and immersive learning experience. Children rotate through different activities throughout the day and prepare a show for the end of their summer session.

– Campers Day Camp: for children aged 7-9. Activities include art, sports, theatre, Science & Makers Lab. 

– Scientists Day Camp: for children aged 10-14. Activities include sports, coding & robotics, fun science and a coding challenge. 

– Juniors Day Camp: for children aged 5-7 years. Activities include art, theatre, music and sports. 

The American School of Paris

This school’s summer camps are led in English. Children are divided into four age groups:

Fun Club: for ages 3-4 years old

Activity Camps: for ages 5-7 years old

Speciality camp: for ages 8-11 years old (incl. sports, singing and dance, French for beginners, science exploration)

Secondary camp: for ages 12-17 years old (incl. sports, filmmaking, art exploration)

EIB Schools

EIB Schools are a group of bilingual schools in Paris which offer summer camps in July. There are fun educational activities such as drama, coding and cooking for children between the ages of 3 and 15. The summer courses are run only in English or bilingual, depending on the school. The school can organise transportation at an additional cost.

5. Activity based summer camps

There are many private clubs which offer a wide range of other summer camps. So, if your child is interested in a particular activity do look around. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Energy Kids Academy: 100% focus on sports with tennis, golf, soccer and many other activities on offer
  • Les Ingéniaux: technology focus with classes on robotics, 3D printing, creating a remote-controlled robot and others
  • Studio 16: dancing school offering summer courses in dance (classical, hip hop, break dance, yoga and theatre)

6. Museum-based summer workshops

During the summer holidays, museums in Paris offer a fantastic array of workshops specifically designed for kids. From creative arts to scientific explorations, these workshops provide an enriching experience for children, with some even allowing them to participate without parents present.

These workshops are more short-term, ranging from a few hours of activity to a few days. Here are museums which regularly offer summer courses for children:

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